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This month, the PSDA Board finalized the wording and passed by vote the updated PSDA Bylaws and Standing Rules.  These will be posted to the PSDA Web Site for all to review.  The Board has worked as a team for ~6 months to make this happen.  I’d like to congratulate the Board for a “Job Well Done”.

We are now in the process of kicking off a new promotions campaign in an effort to reach out to possible new dancers in our local area.  Jerry Davis, the Promotions Director will be investigating various avenues and approaches to get our “word” out.  We will be focusing on one “common” theme or slogan to the public.  Here is where all PSDA dancers can help:

I am personally offering a $100 prize to the individual or team who comes up with the theme or slogan that we will use on business-like cards, coffee mugs, grocery bags, etc. etc.

The PSDA will vote on the theme or slogan to be used at our November Board meeting, so submit your ideas to your club PSDA Representative or Club President.

We also want your advertising ideas.  Please help us decide how/where to advertise.  So far, we have come up with the following:

  1. Grocery Bags (my personal favorite)
  2. Coffee Cups
  3. License Plates
  4. Windshield Covers
  5. Pens and Pads
  6. Any “free” media
  7. Lawn Signs
  8. T-Shirts
  9. Patches
  10. Buttons

 Remember, we don’t have unlimited funds, so please be practical and as always, have fun with this!  We need something catchy or just crazy enough to get someone’s attention and make them want to investigate Square/Round dancing.

 I’m looking forward to seeing your creativeness.

Monte Huston


Whirlaways Square Dance Club / Palomar Square Dance Association

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