Whats new with PSDA?

Check out New Stuff!!!

Check out ALL dances in the Calendar. the Special, class, and 5th Saturday dances are being advertised there.

Videos have been added to the Pics & Vids section. If you have pictures or links to videos, send them in to Webmaster@palomarsda.com and they will be posted. Also, a square dance video and interactive map has been added to the "Classes" page. Check it out and send me feedback!

Caller Change at the Whirlaways - Michael Kellogg

Due to the retirement of Vic Kariaa, Michael Kellogg will be calling the "Chocolate Lovers" dance on September 13, 2019. Spread the word!!

Grapestompers - Steve Moore and Rey Garza

The Grapestompers will have Steve Moore and Rey Garza in August for the "Pettycoat Junction" dance with a taco bar, August 17,2019. Hope to see you there!!

Changes to the site are coming!!

We would like to thank Tracy Johnson for all of his work with the website. Changes will be very deliberate (if not a bit slow). We are open to any ideas that our dancers might have. Please email webmaster@Palomarsda.com to submit your feedback. See you in a square!!

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The Annual Fiesta De La Cuadrilla is coming up in November. Callers will be Bob Baier (TX), Mike Hogan (NE), Michael Kellogg (CA) and the Cuers will be Randy and Marie Preskitt(WA) and Rey and Sherry Garza(CA)

Please attend this convention! It is going to be a great weekend. If you cannot attend all three days, please try to attend for an evening that is open for you.